Me & My Soul

These posts are my heart song. The category includes posts of my poetry, about books that I have yet to write, and/or have written, my creative side, and expressions of my emotions as I live life.

Interview – Cendrine Marrouat – Canadian Independent Artist Examiner – The

I am sharing an interview that was conducted by Cendrine Marrouat, Canada Independent Artist Examiner for the Cendrine asks revealing questions about my book, my motivations, my heart, and the soul behind the book.  Please follow this link to see parts 3 of 4 of our interview together. Copy and Paste the link ifRead more …

Reflection and Retrospection

Mar 13, 2011 | Posted by in Poetic Me.... | 1

Distinguish the two Reflection speaks to looking in the mirror Retrospection speaks to looking to the soul The mirror says see me The soul says live me All I want to see I can feign that All I want to live There is no escape From the reality within Nor a retrospective soul Be trueRead more …

The Venerations of Womanhood

Feb 6, 2010 | Posted by in Me & My Soul, Poetic Me.... | 5

Sense the pulse and full splendor of womanhood Anointed of grace Sometimes wearing entrapment like adornments Hearts full of special places Awaiting to be filled, refilled, refined, re-defined Aligning with the woman within Draped in the pureness of love Draped like universal deities on our seemingly frail, yet strong bodies Inherent to our spirit, weRead more …