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Celestine's Voice is my way of sharing the eclectic spirit of me. . As poets, there are many things that inspire us; mines was based on the "wisdom" growing up under the pecan tree in the backyard of hour home where our father practiced his natural counseling skills. This site is in honor to my mom and my dad for the gift of "living" that they gave me. Celestine Blogger - Celestine's Voice

just because …by Celestine…….”soul open”

To share the vulnerability of the soul is to expose yourself, especially to yourself – be “soul open”. The following poem reflects my sentiments of what this post is about:

Curtains open…..appreciating the rain…..ears discerning…..listening to the thunder…..soul open…….soul open……soul open………embracing life………

Guidelines for Book Reviews by Celeste

    When I first started this page on my blog, I was outreaching to new authors of various genres, especially poetry.  As I thought about what I wanted to accomplish, it entailed: giving new authors an opportunity to announce their work, giving new authors an opportunity to share excerpts of their work giving newRead more …

Book Review – Five Years and Counting by Cendrine Marrouat

  “An “old soul” that understands life is how I describe the author of the collection of poetry, Five Years and Counting –  A Journey into the Mind of Soul Poetry by Cendrine Marrouat. The first several chapters of the collection are layered with the growth and grounding that is associated with understanding life experiencesRead more …

Total Sum – My Love For Food

Oct 6, 2011 | Posted by in Me | 1

      When I first started this blogging series, the intent was to share specific experiences, beliefs, and sentiments that I draw upon to define my actions, that make me smile, and that help me to understand the embrace of  life.  The foundation is a beautiful palette of hues, colors, and flavors that prevailRead more …

The Significance of Poetry – Cendrine Marrouat

The world of poetry cannot be defined in a tunnel.  The heart and soul is too big for that.  As we all know, life experiences shape and mold our soul; the soul of a poet.  I relate to this authors’ perspective on poetry   .