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LogoCelesteVoiceFI am pleased to announce the launching of my personal blog, Celestine’s Voice:  My Trinity – Me, My Soul & My Perspective.  The site has been updated from the the former site,, which primarily focused on my poetic side.  The new site will be quite more comprehensive, in that it will share my voice as it relates to the world.  The site reflects another level of me and my understanding of me, as it relates to relevant issues of the world and how they affect me personally.  The operative words here are “another level” which are suggestive of my personal growth, and my personal understanding of me as I strive to continue to be apart of and understand people dynamics in the world that we live in.  The content that will be shared on this sight will be eclectic in nature. It will entail a “just because” perspective which could be motivated by human emotion, human reactions, lack of human empathy, love for mankind,human events that affect us/me personally, and expressions motivated by some beautiful act of mankind.  The motivation could be societal, work, people/personal, and/or just any perspective on something relevant.

But in all honesty, and being real to me, I have to say that my trinity also includes my poetic side, as well as the side of me that loves to cook; my foodie side. This part of my trinity will continue to develop; and as it does, we’ll see how this aspect manifests itself.  The site also features information about my first collection of poetry, Voice From the Soul of Trees and other books that are yet to be written.

It is on this site that I will share my trinity.  The depth of the posts will still be from the wisdom instilled by growing up and living among “strong roots and hoovering branches” as I did under My Pecan Tree.


Celestine’s Voice

Celestine McMullen Allen

“Soul Deep”




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