Soul Searchers

(A Poem Written in Collaboration with Fellow Poet Tshombe Sekou)




The world passes With our feet in its river

Passing time in our mind

An ocean of consciousness

We are the seeds looking

For fertile ground Where love will find its roots

Beneath a celestial body of godlike eyes

Watching while tirelessly pulling and stretching

Our limbs, contorting our souls—

Molding us as clay on a potter’s wheel

We will be made into beauty

But first we must survive the furnace

Where passion burns hotter than the sun We must prove the truth of fidelity

Yes—we know it will hurt

But we keep our feet in the river anyway.

Our souls peacefully riding the crests and crescendos of life; —as they once lived it. Sending messages in the ebbs and tides The sand giving life, —not the water, For the essence of life is of solid ground The water…a refuge The sand…a foundation of life, Together they feed the soul, we only need to partake of the wisdom— Hear her song for it speaks of life.

We drink of it, looking for ourselves

In the same way as we see it

—rippled in fluidity convergence

of trinity the mind in synchronicity with bodies in soulful rhythm entwined

between the divide of space and time

we drink of it because it and we become one

—rippled in fluidity of lucid dreams… Seeking something that can be latched onto Something that is real standing bare…soul open….. hands outreached…..soul open…..sensing, anticipating that the void will be filled. duality before the trinity…. embracing the reality of one…sensing, one drop of life onto the water….merging with it, becoming one with it…thus understanding the singular strength of one…..rippling…

Every river finds its ocean

And the ocean the shore

As every soul finds its vessel

— We forged in fire, quenched By the waters of wisdom

With our feet in the river

—searching We will become one

In the passion of the sun

© Tshombe Sekou & Celestine McMullen Allen

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