An Iconic Message of Hope in the Charred Ruins


(A Poem Written in Tribute of the Loss of the Hancock County Courthouse)

We witnessed a universal iconic relic enkindled
Now only showing a fortress of barren walls
Consumed of fire, memories etched with cries of pain and loss
As her embers made a resting place for the iconoclastic history that laid within
Full of iconic idealism
She held a vigilant watch
As she has witnessed mixed messages of intent
Majestically standing against time
Defiantly awaiting an iconic message of what was to come
Until no longer could she bear the burden
If conquered, thank the conqueror
For with the igniting spark, hiding places have been removed
Only to show that even in the iconoclastic ruins
There is a message of hope
And that there is still strength in her purpose
If she were weary in her battle,
The message is that she shall rise up again
No longer a façade
No longer an empty shell
And will bear an iconoclastic message of strength for all she will serve…..
Purity in intent….
Her iconoclastic path will be made clear for
Celestine McMullen Allen, Poet
(Hancock County Will Always Be My Home)
August 14, 2014 ©

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