My Next Journey – Introspection and Personal Realities



Just Because… Celestine

 …Not an end, but a beginning

Life isn’t idealized, it is lived

An on-going quest for peace, tranquility, and balance…

 (An excerpt from Revelations , a poem from the collection,

“Voice From the Soul of Trees” by Celestine McMullen Allen)

 This post is about embracing and understanding the power of self.  This post is about the power of knowledge, specifically self knowledge.  This post is about taking the time, in whatever intervals, to allow time for a personal assessment of self.  This post is about taking the time to do a personal introspection on me. 

Of course, this activity takes place on a regular basis, but since I have some downtime and not currently working, I have had an ample amount of time to get “into my head”.  This downtime is welcome in that it has allowed me the opportunity to decompress, to release, and to relax – as in de-stress.    This valued time has also allowed me time to focus on me.

Over the years, professionally, my career has been about helping others, lending an ear when one was needed, advocating a cause, helping people to understand themselves and their emotions, helping others to follow “viable” career paths, helping others to secure employment opportunities, and helping others to understand that” the glass is always half full versus being half empty”.  Over the years, personally, I have been immersed into the heart string of my family, siblings, extended,  and otherwise – a perpetual sister, auntie, cousin, great auntie, and friend.  These combined activities, both professionally and personally are all emotional, fulfilling, soul zapping, soul satiating, and rewarding on so many levels.  I have embraced these essences of life, oftentimes, carrying the weight of others’ burdens, hurts, and pain as if they were my own.  And because I am a poet, a writer, have a sensitive soul and a strong “personal antennae” and “people gut” – I truly eat, live, and breathe these emotions.

There is a saying that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.  Trust me, this has not been the case for me and I have done everything I can to keep from falling into this trap.  I am a constant thinker, and over the years have learned how to “relax”.  But I also know how to focus on activities that are important to me.   This time has allowed for deep reflection, introspection, continuing to understand me, and most importantly, focusing on my desire to continue on the path of God’s plan for me.  I have been using this time to discern my own career options, if it were time for a career change, and determining which skill sets I want to focus on that truly define me.  I have been focusing on what new books to write, – several of which are in progress now.  I have also been continuing my efforts to promote my first book, “Voice from the Soul of Trees”.

One thing I do know and understand, I will continue to keep my finger on the pulse of mankind, which is a natural stance for me.   I will continue to write and share messages of life, love and hope.  I will continue to learn.  And most importantly, I will remain true to myself.  In writing this post, I was reminded of how I philosophically try to live my own life.  My philosophy of living is based on embracing the following basic concepts and continuing to be a “good person with a good heart”:

  •  It is never good to “force fit” situations of life.
  • In times of personal turmoil, pray, let go, and let God.
  • There is always a time for compromise, but never to the detriment of my personal convictions.
  • Listen to the voice “in my head”, be discerning, and act accordingly.
  • Think through my reactions to “life”.
  • Continue to listen to my “body speak”.


Celestine McMullen Allen



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