Just Because by Celestine……life, our glass houses and understanding of life

My Perspectives

My Perspectives

Just because…..by Celestine……”life,  our glass houses and understanding of life”

I have not posted on this blog for several weeks.  I was personally wrapped up in emotions that consumed me.  I decided to “be still” for a minute.  I decided to let life flow.  And when the time came, I knew that my time to write would ripen again.  I felt the need to brew.  I felt the need to step back.  There is nothing worse than sharing forced feelings. And with all of this emotional stuff bottled up in me, I knew that when I “picked up the pen”, that this would another time of sharing me.   I recently posted a status on my Face Book page a prelude to this moment; the words……..”Looking forward to the next journey”.  The first level of my release on this phase of my life came when I recently visited the water.  The next phase of it was a recent camping trip and communing with nature in its raw form.  These experiences ran parallel with the essence of my soul – nature in her bounty. 

Living comes back to haunt us in many ways; dependent upon how we live.  Whether it is in dynamics with self, dynamics with the ones we love, or dynamics with mankind, there is a price to pay or a benefit to reap.   And as innocently as “out of the mouths of babes”, the questions are why…..Why this or Why that or Why me?

Pure intentions wharf in the air as if they did not exist. They are called fleeting moments for a reason.   For a fated moment, they emit, we feel, and in a fleeting gasp of time, they are gone, only to be replaced by another aroma of life.  When we do not embrace these momentary experiences of life, or we can’t smell, hear or see, the aromas of life become jumbled.  Imagine the negative aromas of life – hate, disdain, personal ego wars, hidden agendas to hurt self and others that take us over.   We can’t discern. We become numb.  And when senses shut down like that, our options become limited.  Heart strings are broken as they are plucked, serenades of dance have no emotion, and the purest of intent of floating on a cloud of bliss are marred with perceptions of hidden agendas and lack of faith in love and the essence of the soul of man.

This dialogue can go in so many directions.  The backlash can affect relationships with the ones we love.  But I think that the worst repercussion is the internal fight that we have with ourselves regarding some “ill fated” moment of pain that we experience.  This fight can turn into lack of love for self causing us to implode if we are not grounded.  If this happens, we lose our personal power.

So instead of this happening to me, I chose to “continue to be me”; to know and embrace “my center”; to know these moments are a part of my personal and emotional growth; and that these moments will pass, and will meet “me” on the other side.

“To flow with life is to drift upon a calm wave as if there would never be turbulence. 

To live life is to soar the eagles’ flight.

To understand life is to be present in chirp of a bird and hear the wings of a butterfly.

To embrace life is let life grow like the limbs of a tree” – Celestine McMullen Allen

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