Just because…..”the plight of the world” and “personal hurt”

My Perspectives

My Perspectives


just because……by Celestine…..”the plight of the world” and “personal hurt”

A twinkling star was my sage when I started to write this post.  It was as if the star was shining right into my window speaking only to me; although I know that there were others that saw it.  The star depicted strength; a lone warrior.    And if the world ended tomorrow, it would still be shining bright, beaming hope.  But the imagery gets deeper.  I had this thought.  We are inhabitants of earth and we live as the individuals that we are.  What makes us uniquely the same is the fact that we feel……we hurt……we anguish…and we get into mental and emotional overload.  We strike out, or people capitalize on our personal sorrows; for whatever reason.  What if we carved a hole into the core of the earth and everyone that felt pain just poured their feelings into this cavity. Can you imagine the weight of this collective pain?  Where would the world be?  What would be the impact of this weight?

The reality is that these experiences take place everyday; ongoing issues of the weight of the world; our individual and collective repository of life experiences.  This is what happens to our individual souls when we hold onto pain.  The manifestations can create an onslaught against us personally and against our fellow man.

The headlines of current media speak to this every day.  Social issues are telling “us a story”;  stories contrived in cultural differences; stories contrived in just living;  stories contrived in being in the wrong place at the wrong time, stories that may have nothing to do with personal karma, and stories contrived in the name of personal survival; whatever that means.    There are stories of youth dying because of a perceived idea of being where they are not supposed to be.  There are stories of people that hurt others because of cultural differences.  There are stories of abuse.   There are stories of babies slain.  There are stories of elderly slain.  There are stories of rape, robbery, and gang wars to validate some personal stance in life that speaks to an inhumane way of being a person in our society.  Are these negative instances meant to lament on the misery of mankind, or should we take these messages and say shame on us for capitalizing on the misery of someone; regardless of a personal bias or whether personal biases dictate a position of harm to others.  Or should we embrace these biases and admit to being wrong.

The weight of the world of human existence shall always be an issue for us.  We should all strive to overcome a position of harming others to save self or to validate an unwarranted position of “self-survival”.   It is the perspective of life that we chose that will be the factor that will drown us in our personal fears or which will save us from our “personal” ignorance.



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