Just because…by Celestine….”emotions and the river song”

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Just Because – Emotions and the River Song



Emotions are just as much a part of us as is our skin, ears, eyes, and each breath that we take.  Emotions create our heart song.   Going deep within, they create a foundation for us to embrace life and love.  And with this song, we express our individuality; we create synergy in life.  This scenario is the epitome.  But sometimes, we get out of synch with this powerful force.  Sometimes, the rain falls.  This is another way of saying that all in life is not about smiles and joy.  Sometimes, there is pain.  Instead of embracing life and all that comes with it, we block it.  Instead of living through the pain, which is also a manifestation of emotion, we lash out.  When we lash out, there is the potential to harm self and to harm others that we love and love us.  Being out of synch drains us.  It affects our lifestyle, the choices we make, and ultimately, our capacity to give and receive love.

But if we go with the river song, we understand that those things that cause us pain will subside.  Understanding this gives us strength.  We can’t discount them as if it never existed just as we can’t dismiss the tumultuous waves of the water.  If we flow like the river song, it is easy for us understand the crests and relish in the fact that there will be calm waters again.







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