just because…..by Celestine……”fated moments”

just because…….”fated moments”



….soul open, the world is my oyster

…..soul open, my soul is receptive

…..soul open to the universal messages of life




I  am in that place of “receptivity”.  In other words, I am embracing “fated moments”.  Fated moments come into our lives now in many ways. What does that mean to you?   For me, in conjunction with my recent blog posts, it is another level of being “soul open”, exposed, and receptive to the blessings that come my way. It can take the form of a message of inspiration, a phone call, an unexpected introduction with someone, or just being in the right place at the right time.  On the other hand, it could be that you are placed in someone’s life that may need to hear your message.  In this case, you may end up touching their lives in ways that you may never know.

There are several words that come to me as I write this post – communication and connection.  These two words are powerful, for you never know who you meet, why you meet them, the places that you find yourself in, and the potential bounty of acknowledging relationships that you establish with people  just by the sheer act of meeting or connecting with them.  Call it what you may – kindred spirits, spirit sisters or brothers, vibes, being comfortable with someone, and “gut feelings” – these connections are real.

Our methods of communication and connection are more varied.   Communication venues are beyond one-on-one face time. What once was telephone, telegraph, snail mail, and tell a friend, we have technology that has allowed us to connect with people that we would have never met otherwise.  This communication extends to the various forms of social media platforms like Face Book, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, chat rooms, and other platforms.   We connect with people in phenomenal ways and feel their spirit and character, if we are discerning.  And within these venues, there may be a “fated moment”.    The messages could be as small as a “mustard seed”, so we have to pay attention.  Most importantly, these “fated moments” could be the key to “your path” in life.


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