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To share the vulnerability of the soul is to expose yourself, especially to yourself  – be “soul open”.    The following poem reflects my sentiments of what this post is about:

Curtains open…..appreciating the rain…..ears discerning…..listening to the thunder…..soul open…….soul open……soul open………embracing life………

Curtains still open….it is the early morn…..grass dazzling in her dampness ……more fertile……overcast skies…….awaiting another nurturing from the source of the sun…….piercing through natural patterns of life……soul open.

These lines were written amid a backdrop of a heavy rain, figuratively and literally.  And as is typical, I get a lot of inspiration from nature and the natural cycles of life.   This night was no exception, nor the following morning.  The rain, projected to be severe, only ended up being a hard rain – strong, but not torrential.  My mindset was reeling with the events of the day – Whitney’s funeral and how I was personally affected.  This post is not about Whitney’s funeral or any specifics about  her death.  This post is about how I was personally affected with her loss and her death placing me in a position to reflect.

During the course of the day, the evening and in the wee hours of the morning, I was reminded of a quote:

We only have one life to live, so how do we chose to live it?”

This quote has been a part of me for years as I formed, framed, and orchestrated my life.  After life-altering circumstances reared their presence in my path, these words took on a different meaning.  So to this day, I search deep…….“soul open”.

Nature speaks to me.  It has always been a part of who I am as a person – the water, the trees, the wind, the sun, and life; all of which were inspiration for my collection of poetry, Voice From the Soul of Trees.  The collection represents a life perspective; my  perspective, and my “path”.      I was reminded of this as it rained this night.  The rain provided another opportunity to be vulnerable to me and to God – “soul open”.  Typically, rain can make one feel depressed – lack of sunshine, having a case of the blues or melancholy.   Not in this case. The rain was soothing, it was nurturing, and served to replenish my spirit.

I lay awake most of the night with the rain still pouring.  I chose to leave the curtains open all night.  I didn’t have to worry about who saw me.  Yet, as I went to sleep, I knew that I was being “exposed” in a very special way.  In my communion with God, I was being reminded of “my perspective” – “soul open“.

…”soul open” is another way to express my willingness to embrace messages from God; …ears discerning.  With that being said, I heard the inspiration for these words.    I listened.  If  there are messages for me, I embrace them.  If there are messages I feel compelled to share; I  share them either through my poetry or through avenues such as this new segment of my blog.

I received my confirmation to continue on my path.  And yet, the message gleaned from this beautiful rainy night also had a message that speaks to the overall nature of man; a universal message.

Sometimes, we position ourselves to be so closely guarded.  Sometimes we close ourselves off for fear of being vulnerable – “exposed“.  We block our hearts from enjoying the best blessing in life; that of love and that of having an open heart and soul to truly receive the blessings of life. Thus, inhibiting our capacity to love self and others.

It is easy to shut it down.  All it takes is one hurt, one trial or one broken heart.  Negative consequences rear their ugly head.  We shut ourselves off from the realities of life.  We shut ourselves off from friends.  We shut ourselves from the capacity to love others and our selves.  We shut ourselves off from life.  We miss our blessings because we chose to fix the problem ourselves, instead of “letting go, and letting God”.

The seeds of life are given to us in so many ways.  Being discerning  is the only way for them to infiltrate our being, as God intended.    To be discerning is to be aware……and this awareness leads us to our responsibility to be attuned.  Being attuned means having “discerning ears” and “soul open”.




  1. Kenya G. Johnson

    I was deeply affected by Whitney’s death too. It’s one of those thing that I haven’t entertained any news about it – its almost like its not real or at least wasn’t until I received the latest Jet magazine. ANYWAY, aside for that – because your post wasn’t all about that …this was a beautiful post Celestine – almost – well relaxing. I love “soul open”. I wrote a poem this weekend – it’s rare for me. Take a look when you have a chance http://www.kenyagjohnson.com/blog/2012/2/25/oxygen-therapy.html

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