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As in life, most of us have adapted the ability to be flexible.  Such a critical trait.   Flexibility means that we can bounce back from despair, that we can move beyond “issues” of life, and that we can maintain a presence that defines us.   The ability to do this is based on our strength, our inner  fortitude, our perseverance, and how we juggle the variables of life.  The ultimate is to flow like a ship in the most turbulent waters, and once upon solid ground, we rejoice in the deliverance from this journey…..awaiting the next tidal wave.

…..like rock and sand, crystal clear becomes the dreams of man….

This is a very appropriate quote for this blog post. Yes, I wrote the quote.   It is a stanza from one of my poems,  “Serenity and Dream of Light“.   This quote is suggestive of how  life equates to understanding our own frailty, like a fragile piece of glass.

Do you know what the process is to make glass?   It is actually amazing.  Heat, rock, and sand; tempered and forged to make exquisite bottles and containers for our daily use.  Heat – overcoming issues of living – rock, our foundation, and the sand, life’s circumstances.     And for me,  this is the epitome of  life – the fusing of these natural elements to become a resource that can be idealized, that can be seen through, that which can be reflected upon; and that which can be broken down as in the frailty of life – just like rock and sand.

I was really unsure as to where this post would go.  It first began as a poem.  Then I realized that I just wanted to write…..Then I realized that I really wanted to create a venue for just sharing.  Sharing is a good thing……sharing is about being vulnerable to exposing the soul…..sharing is about embracing and “speaking” to our mutual life existences that make us the individuals that we are.

…a journey into the soul has far more worth than a life time of reflections.  The reflections are the images that you recall…..the soul journey is one that you live…

For these words are about sharing.    And what a more private place…..that of vulnerability……There is nothing negative about this.  For you the reader, for me the writer, for anyone that lives.

Share….. leave a post……share the vulnerabilities of your soul…Celestine


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