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When I first started this page on my blog, I was outreaching to new authors of various genres, especially poetry.  As I thought about what I wanted to accomplish, it entailed:

  • giving new authors an opportunity to announce their work,

giving new authors an opportunity to share excerpts of their work

  • giving new authors an opportunity to have their work reviewed


Although I am a poet, I do have an appreciation for a variety of genres; so I don’t want to exclude anyone.  If you want to have your book reviewed, I will do so as long as I can keep up with the volume.

If you are interested in having your book reviewed, please follow these guidelines:

1)     Send  a copy of your book in PDF format or ebook format to :

Upon receipt of the book, I will make a determination of the books that will receive first priority for review.

2)  Upon completion of the review, I will submit a copy of the review to you, the author, as well as submit your review to sites that I am affiliated with, including being posted on my blog.  At this point, there are no fees involved.  In addition, I am not touting this service as a marketing tool for the success of your book, just a voice from my perspective as a reviewer.

3)  Please provide the following information when you submit your book:

a. The name of your book, your name, the date your book was published, and who the publisher is, and pertinent information like your website or blog address.

b. Provide a biography, why you chose to write this book, and a brief overview of the book.

c. Provide information where your book can be purchased.

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