A gentle breeze blowing faintly against my nose

The right side of my hair in concert

A heart memory of a long lost love

A fleeting thought of what should be

As the breezes flow

Like the mist of the ocean spraying me with her glory


Hearing the gentle song

A soft breeze

A butterfly’s wing

As it prances, flirts, and play

Announcing the breathe of a kiss coming near

Along with the approach of sweet

Lingering words in my ear

And loving embraces unfold


The rising sun proclaims the light of day

In the souls of mankind still full of hope

Wisps of the coveted moon

Freeing her stillness

As she stands poignantly in the midnight sky

Looking for star dust that falls upon lovers dreams


Beacon like showing mankind

Her light in the brightest webs weaved


Ebb and tide with the acts of nature

Proclaiming the return of gentle and strong strength


Faint memories, retrospective hearts, happy hearts


Cologne still as vibrant as the first inhale

Lingering upon the pillow like freshly fallen snow

Basking in the glow

Of present and future wisps

Soft petals flowing like wisps of our being.


©Celestine McMullen Allen


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