Just Because by Celestine – The Total Sum

A New Page, A New Post, A New Life Chapter, Embracing The Total Sum

Fifty two days prior and fifty two days after; I have read somewhere that these are the most powerful days surrounding a birthday.  For me, fifty two happens to be my magical age this year.  Fifty two equals seven in numerology.  I am the seventh of seven siblings…..And on the seventh day, we know what God intended for us.

Notwithstanding, the year of 52 is a part of the definition of my existence.  It reflects a position of  ‘from whence I have arrived”.  Years added to my calendar indicates  another level of wisdom.  In addition, it represents another level of life, and the full appreciation thereof.    My appreciation extends to my mere existence, one afforded me by my parents; an existence that is uniquely mines.  My appreciation extends to my loved ones; family, friends, my babies, and others who share my path.

My appreciation extends to sharing the total sum of me and my life experiences.   The total sum of me includes my love for life, my love for good food, my love for writing, my love for my family and friends, my love for music, my love for nature, and my love for people; all sharing the circumference of my Pecan Tree.

The Total Sum

Take the total sum of your existence

Take the total sum of your life experiences

Measure them against a blue sky

Measure them against an ocean wide

Measure them against your principles

Measure them against the weight of the world

In this vast equation

Find the breakeven point

Solve for the algebraic solution

Substitute x for y

Which has full reign, x or y

How do you solve for apples and oranges

Is there ever a fair solution

For sometimes we like apples

Sometimes we prefer an orange

Sometimes, we have no choice

Sometimes, it is fine to seek balance

In the realms of the unknown

Sometimes, forced outcomes

Equate to living in a cage

Of numbers and endless possibilities

Will the equation ever be equal

Is there equilibrium

In a total sum

We solve for our true self

We have many variables

Experiences that define

The side of the equation

We want and may need to be on

Is defined by letting God

Manipulate the numbers to fit you

Both sides of the equation

Equate to life

My total sum is me.

I embrace the whole.

Celestine McMullen Allen






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