Book Release – Voice From the Soul of Trees

New Book Release

“Voice From the Soul of Trees” is about living life, getting through adversities and  perceived hardships, and appreciating nature, mankind, family, friends and self.   The collection of inspirational poems are based on the “hovering branches, knotty limbs, and deep roots of my childhood under the pecan tree.

I am sure many have wondered why I chose such a theme for my blog, and subsequently, my first collection of poetry.  I saw life unfold under the pecan tree of my homestead.  There was shelter from the storms.  Unconditional love permeated.  The value of respect for life, people I love; my family, my extended families, and mankind overall, was firmly instilled under my pecan tree.  It’s not just about my  pecan tree.  I look at nature,  trees in the forest, and the variety of specimens that co-exist together.  Mankind is parallel to that imagery.  I see a tree and its unique personality.  I see fortitude, I see strength, I see sustenance.  I see new life as the seasons dictate.  I see the limbs of a single tree as family; parents, brothers and sisters,  nieces and nephews, their children, extended families, all of whom share a common bond -” hovering branches, knotty limbs, and deep roots” and love.

It is from this perspective that I have penned this collection of inspirational poetry and prose on life and hope.

Come sit with me under the Pecan Tree.  Celestine

The book is available for purchase on all on-line book stores, including, Barnes and Nobles, B.Dalton, Books-a-Million and many others.


    1. Celestine Post author

      Visited your site, as well. Appreciate the philosophy….grounded in the realness of life…attuned to what is important…nature and man. What did you Google to reach my site?

  1. James Watson

    The book was one of the best i ever read,and the poetry is awsome,very ethical.i will say that god bless you for such a nice work,my suggestion is to get your blog listed on some listing site and the best in it which i use for blog surfings is http:\\ so that a huge community can approach you easily,thanks again for good work

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