Mornings, Mist, and Futures

On a beautiful morning

The veils are lifted

The rising sun glares

Through the trees

The crispness of the fall felt in the air

Commanding our attention

As the mist rises from the water

It creates its presence

Void of  waves

Only peaceful waters and the mist

Sending a message

To the on-going flow of man

And in our man, woman, and child existence

A backdrop is created for our future

There is a gentle, sunlit  rising to our approach to life

For the mist will rise of its own accord

And will evaporate as if it never existed

The sun will shine through its haze

Following a natural pattern of mornings, mist, and futures.

Celestine McMullen Allen


  1. Delta

    I resonate within the tranquility of your words. Thank you for your gracious gift.


    Who would we be
    If we lived beyond labels
    Boxes that restrict, reduce, diminish, demean
    Choosing instead to step into Fullness
    Living brightly without boundaries
    Gloriously cradled in
    Expansive freedom and overwhelming beauty
    That is
    Our authentic self

    1. Celestine Post author

      Thanks, Heather, for the post. This poem was inspired by a scene from a recent mountain trip. The picture is posted with the poem. Nature inspires me for I am always seeking life correlations in it.

      Please visit again. Celeste

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