The Venerations of Womanhood

Sense the pulse and full splendor of womanhood
Anointed of grace
Sometimes wearing entrapment like adornments
Hearts full of special places
Awaiting to be filled, refilled, refined, re-defined
Aligning with the woman within
Draped in the pureness of love
Draped like universal deities on our seemingly frail, yet strong bodies

Inherent to our spirit, we birth songs of pain
Strengths of nations yoke us
For we are the vessel of man
Never marred

Natures’ marvels, embedded in our souls
Gentle and sometimes torrent
A bird’s chirp
A spring rain
The crackling bolt of lightening
The roar of thunder
Knowing that in seasons, torrents will subside
Knowing that in seasons, peace in womanhood
will reign forever as treasured adornments.

Celestine McMullen Allen
Copyright 2010


    1. Celestine Post author

      Thank you Princess Haiku and thanks for following my blog. I took the time to look at your blog as well, and found it to be a beautiful site. It seems that we both have an affinity for nature. I like your style, and look forward to reading more of your work. Would like to add you to my blog roll.

  1. Maheshwar N. Sinha

    This poem have a depth, you have tried to search out womanhood afresh. This is, I think, looking and perhaps getting a new person within. It has quite a spiritual tone. Despite, it has beautiful images to show poet’s feelings.
    We, Indian, takes womanhood as an element, only reason for creativity and possess both gender, it has nothing to do with gender or class. Searching a new person within is somewhat getting to know this world. Ages make you old , but ages give you experiences, and experiences could give you a new birth. We, I think, are restless to take birth in a newer form, afresh! I think, your poetry suggests for what! Though, it’s quite in depth.

    Thanks for a beautiful poetry!

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