Flowing Tears, Full Heart

It rained for me last night
The emotions came as a wave, engulfing me
Bringing forth the need to overcome, move forward,
and go beyond the horizons; reaching for the setting and rising convergence.

As the tears crested, I braced the storm, only to let the tears flow like a mighty river.

I braced myself, the emotions turbulently held steadfast.
I held steadfast, the emotions quietly subsided.

Relenting, letting the flood flow
Releasing, as a breaking dam
Bringing peace.

Celestine McMullen Allen


  1. Keith

    As I read this poem I can’t help but think that this poem is about a person in mourning, of a loved one. It feels as if this person has not had much time to grieve for their loved one and all at once they let it all out as if they are screaming for mercy. It really speaks from the heart as the poet releases a range of emotions. After they let it out, her mind is put to ease and she becomes at peace with the death of her loved one. The poet’s tone initially takes on a feeling of anger that quickly recedes into a mood of serenity.

    This poet uses a mixed bag of metaphors and similes to show the reader how her emotions build up until she can no longer hold it in. In the first line we are thrown into the rain only to find out that the rain comes from the teardrops from a human and then we are tossed into a storm of wild emotions. In my opinion the poet chose a great way to dictate how she felt by using these simple but effective ways of explaining her state of mind. I think this poem encompasses a feeling that everyone one of us has experienced at some time throughout our life. Great poem!

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