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    Here are the words to this this poetic piece.

    Dancing To The Tunes of Life

    My life is a word,
    Poetic stanzas that when combined,
    Reflect who I am,
    Why I cry
    Why I am remise,
    And why sometimes, I am so elated that I can dance with the sun.

    My life is a song,
    Melodic tunes that peal truths,
    Tunes that pierce my existence, bearing the vulnerabilities
    of my soul.

    The words, they are my vehicle; my journey to unfold.
    The songs give flight to my dreams.

    As I listen to the melodies, I become closer to my being
    And my evolution of living,
    Its’ essence, its’ sight, and its’ sounds.
    The interwoven tunes of life play before me;
    I connect with me.

    On one journey, I am a dancer,
    Living life as I express the heartbeat of my soul.
    The melodies manifest in the movement of my feet.

    Higher and higher, I reach out to the songs that pulsate within me.
    My body sways to the tunes
    My heart blends with the rhythms
    My soul lives the notes.

    On another journey, I become a musician.
    I am one with the bongo as it beats the basic foundation
    of my existence; my strength, and my endurance.
    Helping me to understand life;
    Helping me to understand me;
    And helping me to understand the person that I am; in my most primal state.

    I am one with the piano, providing contrast and balance.
    Either playing an overture exalting in my triumphs and victories,
    Or playing an upbeat staccato as I prance through life,
    Knowing where I am going.
    I am one with the saxophone, wailing the blues of my existence.
    Releasing any hurt or pain;
    Only allowing true expressions of love.

    My dance also peals of ballads;
    The earthiness, depicting serenity and true communion of how my world unfolds.

    My dance also peals of the Gospel;
    Peace be still, temper me, balance me, focus me;
    Helping me to keep my eye on the sparrow.

    As the notes and songs are orchestrated,
    Poetically or musically;
    I dance to the tunes and stanzas of life embracing their messages.

    I flow with the beat of any composition.

    I live and understand.

    I dance to the tunes of life.

    Celestine M. Allen © Copyright 2009

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