The Utopian Gift – In Synch

DSC00206If I could

I would create Utopia

I would create synergy

I would create a world of peace.

Dialogue would be in synch

Souls would be in synch

Love would be in synch

The world would be in synch.

There would be no hidden agendas

Realities would be about embracing them

Life would be about living through it

Living would be about not losing ourselves in the process.

If I could, I would grant a gift to each of you

It would be to live to the extent of your being

Be the best that you can

Impact society in your own positive way

Share your gift with the world.

The reality is

I can’t give you the Utopian gift;

Only God,

If only you reach out

Embrace his love and

Understand His messages of

Life, living, and love.

Dialogue would be in synch

Souls would be in synch

Love would be in synch

The world would be in synch

The Utopian Gift of synchronicity

Celestine McMullen Allen

©Copyright 2009


  1. Greg Cameron


    the slugs conspire against me

    the dandelion leaves invite

    dangle voluptuously before me

    saying bite me!

    ah but I haven’t the slime

    if you directed the sun’s rays

    with a magnifying glass

    I wouldn’t melt

    if you stepped on me

    I wouldn’t squish

    if you poked me

    nothing on me

    would retreat into itself

    as much as I hate the buggers

    and fear them

    I admire them

    I love their blackness

    I love how they slide across the ground

    if I were a slug

    you’d pick me up squeal

    drop me

    whining about how you need to wash

    your hands

    and isn’t it gross?


    I wish I were a slug on a mission

    I’d eat all the dandelion leaves

    extend my mouth all around them

    break them off

    and ingest

    if I were covered with slime

    I’d have a barrier against

    the world

    if I were black

    I wouldn’t worry about colours


    but well I am what I am

    there’s no helping that

    and as much as I wish

    there’s no sliding away from anything

    leaving a trail of slime


    (Greg Cameron, Poem, Surrey, B.C., Canada, april, 2010)

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