Welcome to Celestine’s Voice

The tree gives voice to my writing....

The tree gives voice to my writing….


“Something that you feel will find its own form.” 

                                                                  Jack Kerouac


Blogs should create their own lives.  Blogs represent an opportunity for the author to share aspects of themselves as they see fit, as they want to share, and as they want to inspire.  Welcome to Celestine’s Voice – My Trinity: Me, My Soul, & My Perspective.

What once was a blog to reach solely out to the poetic community has now become a blog to outreach to man, mankind, man-isms, woman-isms, people-speak, self-speak,  and my personal opportunity to speak and write about My Trinity; my continued development as a person, and how the world is viewed by  “my eyes”, “our eyes”, “our heart”, “our spirit”, and our individual “trinity” – the ultimate union. I am sure that you have your own “voice” relative to these issues – worldly, personally, introspectively, and in your own voice – “your trinity. I invite you to share.

Of course, poetic voices are still accepted; for as a poet, this is also a venue for sharing.  But I want the site to be more than that; I want the site to be a thriving voice of mankind;  Socially, personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Please join me in making this a vibrant, interactive, and informative site.

Soul open…….


Celestine McMullen Allen


  1. Minnie

    I really enjoyed this Celest’. Writing poetry is like letting others see bits and pieces of yourself. I have pecan trees in my yard. Sometimes they bring forth pecans for the season and other times they do not. The branches sometimes dry out (like family relations) but the good thing is the branches are hard to break. Continue sharing!

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