Lunar Messages

I lay, eyes to the darkened sky
And on this night, I see the glory of the presence
Of a luminous quarter moon
Piercing through the sheer of my window
Her palette draped in an aura of darkness
Her hint of light
Speaking to the future of brightness in the glimpses of our darkest moment.

Shining in her glory, I wonder as to a star
What was I feeling during quarter moons before
What about the harvest moons of the past?
What about the full moon cycles that are to come?
Was I still strong, will I be stronger?
Was I hurting, will the pain ever subside?
Was I experiencing another parallel cycle of life?
Good,  bad, or indifferent;
And what propelled me again, always looking  to her future cycles?

With a watchful eye, I see her poignancy
Her splendor, her control
Saying to me that even in this phase,
Her cycles dictate more than what is perceived
Her gravitational pulls of existence,
Of love, and of living
Are not minimized by the mere presence of this quarter moon stage
There is strength in her timing.

As a quarter moon
She offers just a little peek
Not wanting to reveal too much other than glimpses
Of unforeseeable and unnecessary circumstances of life
Akin to the rain, knowing that she feeds and nourishes
And blankets us even in the stillness of the night
Letting us know that she can also bring drought and torrents
As so, can control the emotions of our experiences.

Her cycles evolve
She strengthens her presence during the night
As time evolves, she sprinkles moon dust to grace our being
She tests us to see if we are listening.

As she emerges in full splendor;
A full moon or a harvest moon is presented
Integrating the experiences of prior cycles
She speaks again, asking
Are you strong enough to handle the light that I bring to you in this cycle?
Akin to the sun, she promotes positive life energy even against her dark palette
And can determine your fruitfulness and seasons of bounty.

Akin to our belief and faith in God,
She confirms that there is something bigger than us in control.
In direct union with God, she can direct the ebb and flow of nature.
In direct union with God, she has a hand in the conception of life.
In direct union with God, she helps to reward us in bounty.

The lunar, that protects us at night;
A legacy in the tales of old;
Is another guide to the timing of our individual life cycles;
A marvel of nature to guide our paths in our darkest moments.
Bigger than we will ever know,
Her strength available if we choose to understand her messages of timing.

Celestine M. Allen


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