About “Celestine’s Voice”

CelesteOpenPecan4AgedaBlurredI grew up among a strong pecan tree.  And to this day, it is there that I find my strength.

I am the fruit of  “fertile soil, knotty limbs, hoovering branches, and deep roots.”

It was this tree that give voice to my poetic soul.

For over thirty years, I have been an HR Professional,  To a degree, I have neglected my poetic side.  But here I am now, sharing not only my poetic voice, but that which comprises My Trinity:  Me, My Soul, and My Perspective.

I have written my first collection of poetry called “Voice from the Soul of Trees”; and have several more in the works.   The book is real, the words are real, and my desire to share my voice has been fulfilled.

But I am not through.  My focus has shifted.  I am still an HR Professional, with my next project being the re-launching of my professional site, Vision Qwest Solutions.  More to come regarding this endeavor.  The most important point is that there is a true merging of my being – for it is important to merge those parts of me which make me whole – My Trinity.

One of the most powerful aspects of being and living is understanding “self”.  For me, my journey has defined me as eclectic and amenable to the life forces that surround me.  I have an innate ability to understand people, and to understand me.  I am attuned.

When I am out of sorts with my energies, I let God and the universe take over.  When I need to vent, I do so via written word.  When I need to have my soul touched, I pick up the phone and a couple of things happen – I have company (family, friends or a combination thereof) and we gather together.   Nothing matters more than my siblings, my babies, my extended family, and friends that know that they are friends.  We gather together, and let the love flow.  And one of the aspects is me being in the kitchen…..letting this “heart song” that creates comfort, peace, mutual love, mutual sharing of love, and a place of belonging.

Come share this journey of “My Trinity”  – still under “The Pecan Tree’.

Celestine M. Allen


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