The Palm

Flickering Candle in PalmWithin the palm of my hand, I hold a mighty tool;

Capable of capturing, molding, and disseminating the mysteries of life;

With a pen in hand,

I reflect on love, sadness, victory, and strife

I share the voice of my soul;

That which has molded me and which has made me cry, sigh, and shout with glee.

Folded up, fist clenched

I depict strength of will and inner fortitude

I share the manifestation of my spirit;

My convictions gleaned from holding strong, holding on, and knowing when to bow.

Gently curved,

I bestow the gentlest touch

I share the subtleties of my femininity; the outpouring of my soul in it’s’ trinity;

Combining all parts of me, which make me whole and capable of giving and receiving love.

In any manifestation,

There is a desire to possess only that which is real

There is no fear of loss;

Only those which, I need to depart from.

There is no grasping;

Only reaching out

To that, which is mines’.

© 2004 Celestine McMullen Allen


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