Poetry, Style, and Function

As poet, I have always felt that “we” have a responsibility to the world to share the intimate details of our feelings, our convictions, and our observations.  We have been blessed with this gift.

With this “blessing”, we are in a position to share experiences of life, and to let others know that they are not alone. Whatever the format, whether it be of the soul growing, the soul receiving, the soul understanding that it wants to be in another place in life, or the soul understanding that in our personal vulnerabilities, it is our responsibility to share our personal pangs of living life or the exultation in honoring it.

I remember the years of analyzing poetry during my school years; elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. We all remember that “required” reading in our English classes.    The format and the imagery of the masters were simple, yet defined in perfect poetic format, whatever the style.  Even within the simplicity of the poetry, there were always poignant messages which had so many underlying meanings.

Some of us are directed towards a certain message, dependent upon our personal life circumstances. Even our delivery takes on different formats.  Regardless of whether we write of the positive and negative aspects of love, the personal effects of living, social injustices, or of appreciating nature, there are many emerging styles that are worthy of note.

Personally, my poetry encompasses all of these aspects, in terms of the message.  I can feel epiphanies in seeing the sun rising or setting.  I can see a tree and understand its frailties or its strength.  The moon and the sun represent cycles of life.   I have lived and overcome life experiences, and write to the marvel of my personal triumphs.

What is your personal poetic style and form in how you share your message?

Are the traditional formats of poetry still the norm, or is there a new style emerging?


  1. Maheshwar N. Sinha

    Authentic, agreeable,either poetry or prose, I think, a text needs to be decipher in as many as angle it deserves to be. sun or moon can suggest many metaphor, life and about this world. Poetry in particular has a great scope, not for poet but for reader too, that matter and substances put up there comes in huge way. with the time, text of literature, poetry have been changing. this , for certain, demands a distinct angle and approach to read poetry. I think while reading a poetry. thanks! I’m agree to this to the extent!

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