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Welcome to Celestine’s Voice

Dec 24, 2009 | Posted by in Welcome to Celestine's Voice | 3

What once was a blog to reach solely out to the poetic community has now become a blog to outreach to man, mankind, man-isms, woman-isms, people-speak, self-speak, and my personal opportunity to speak and write about My Trinity; my continued development as a person, and how the world is viewed by “my eyes”, “our eyes”, “our heart”, “our spirit”, and our individual “trinity” – the ultimate union. I am sure that you have your own “voice” relative to these issues – worldly, personally, introspectively, and in your own voice – “your trinity. I invite you to share.

Lunar Messages

Dec 24, 2009 | Posted by in Me & My Soul, Poetic Me.... | 1

I lay, eyes to the darkened sky And on this night, I see the glory of the presence Of a luminous quarter moon Piercing through the sheer of my window Her palette draped in an aura of darkness Her hint of light Speaking to the future of brightness in the glimpses of our darkest moment.Read more …

The Palm

Dec 23, 2009 | Posted by in Me & My Soul, Poetic Me.... | 2

Within the palm of my hand, I hold a mighty tool; Capable of capturing, molding, and disseminating the mysteries of life; With a pen in hand, I reflect on love, sadness, victory, and strife I share the voice of my soul; That which has molded me and which has made me cry, sigh, and shoutRead more …